Clean Fifteen

We’ve covered the Dirty Dozen – foods that are extremely high in pesticides – that you should buy organic whenever you can. While buying organic should be everyone’s goal, the reality is that most people can’t afford that. I’d like to share the Clean 15 – foods that are ok to not buy organic, as they don’t absorb as much pesticide, i.e., have a lower pesticide load than others. What do most of them have in common? Thick skins that we peel off! As always, wash your fruit and vegetables before preparing/eating them.


Clean Fifteen


Sweet Corn
While farmers use fertilizers to grow corn, rarely is pesticide used. Plus, all those layers of husk keep out bugs (and chemicals).

Surprised? Most pests stay away from onions! Rarely is pesticide used here.

Here’s a fruit with an extremely thick skin – heavy enough to keep out pests – and any chemicals that may be used.

I love to peel the thick skin off avocados and get to the creamy goodness within. That thick skin? It keeps out bugs – and pesticides!

Maybe cabbage gives pests gas, too? For whatever reason, pests seem to avoid this vegetable. Pass the coleslaw, please!

Sweet Peas-frozen
Yet another yummy food with a thick casing to protect it from pests.

Some pesticide is used on this fruit, but be sure to wash and then peel the thick skin before eating.

Another fruit with a very thick skin, to keep everything out!

For some reason, bugs and fungi don’t like asparagus. We do!

The thick skin on this vegetable means bugs can’t get in.

Wash and then peel the kiwi – the thick, fuzzy skin keeps all the bad things out.

Another thick-skinned fruit that keeps out the bugs. Or it could be that sour taste I love!

Thick skin, no bugs – are you seeing the trend?

Sweet Potatoes
Wonder why sweet potatoes are on this list, while regular potatoes are on the Dirty Dozen? The skin is much thicker – and they don’t need as much pesticide.

Bugs don’t like this – we do!


Here’s a quick reminder (and a printable shopping list for the Dirty Dozen Clean Fifteen):



dirty dozen  and the clean fifteen




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