Benefits Of High Intensity Interval Training

Training to get into shape is a great thing to do. However, some people find that it is also very difficult to get the right training program for them. This is when you may want to explore some of the benefits from high intensity interval training. By knowing about HIIT, you’ll start to feel good about the conditioning you’re going to do. You will also start to see this is one of the best exercise regimens around. But you’ll want to know HOW to do it, so you don’t do more harm than good.


Benefits Of High Intensity Interval Training
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What Is High Intensity Interval Training?


This is a type of exercise regimen that focused more on the cardio, rather than on workouts that  concentrate more on the core muscle groups, arms, or legs. Since this exercise program is based more on the cardiovascular system, note that HIIT is lower in impact when compared to the heavy weight lifting, and can be completed by almost anyone who wants to exercise. You may see the name itself, high intensity, and automatically think you are going to be hitting the weights in the gym for hours on end. Never fear – it’s NOT like that!



How Does A HIIT Workout Start?


Just like all workouts, you will want to stretch before doing any of the exercises. However, realize that with this workout, you will be doing several different things and this is what is going to make this workout completely different than what you are used to doing. Instead of just stretching and getting ready to work out, you will end up doing a varied workout. Here are some of the variations that have been used successfully to take 10-15 minutes and get a complete workout.

The first thing after stretching is to start off with some cardiovascular work on either the treadmill or stationary bike. When you start off on this,  go light, doing a simple workout for a few minutes to get into the rhythm and feel with the equipment. After this, run or do intense pedaling for thirty to forty seconds. Then do a basic pedal or jog/walk for fifteen or twenty seconds. The main premise of HIIT is to do intervals of intensity, spaced apart by cool downs.


Benefits Of High Intensity Interval Training



Benefits To The Heart


The first benefit: this is going to help in getting the heart back in shape. With the HIIT program, you will see that your resting metabolic rate is going to increase. When this increases, you will have a chance to better optimize your heart and the way it is going to process the oxygen. After all, we all need help in  getting our hearts in better shape…maybe like this 77 year old guy?




Benefits For The Lungs


The lungs are a key component to both the aerobic system and cardiovascular system. The problem? People do not realize just how their lungs are going to be helped by the HIIT program.  How does HIIT help your lungs? You’re going to be taking deep breaths and shallow breaths. Your workout will be intense for a minute or so, and then you have a cool down period where you can catch your breath. You get your resting breathing rate down, which allows you to better process the oxygen in your system.

Remember when you were a little kid and you were able to run for hours on end? You were fit – and so were your lungs!


Running with healthy lungs!

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Benefits For Helping To Lose Weight


Losing weight is often the goal of any workout. The problem is most of the workouts that people do? They are not going to help them in burning fat, because they are not going to kick start your metabolic rate.

With the HIIT workout, you are able to get your metabolic rate up higher. Since this is going to raise your overall metabolic rate, you will be able to better burn fat. By burning fat better, you ARE going to get rid of that fat.


Benefits Of High Intensity Interval Training
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How Does HIIT Compare To Other Workouts?


Generally when people are looking to get in shape, they will start with any workout they are familiar with. By knowing about how HIIT compares to the other workouts on the market, you will be able to use this to get into shape faster and easier than with any other workout method. The reason for this? The HIIT workout increases your metabolic rate, and also targets your cardiovascular system.

Most people do not know about the benefits of the high intensity interval training. When people learn about this training program, they are able to get in shape with a single workout being performed on a regular basis, instead of rotating around to different machines all the time, or running for hours on end.

It’s easy, can be done quickly, and has a great effect on your overall health – it is, hands-down, the best fitness regimen you can do.


Benefits Of High Intensity Interval Training





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