Most Popular Online Recipes Are Super Fattening


Visit any big cooking site and you’d think we’re a nation that has embraced healthy eating habits like organic vegetables and low-fat meals. But a new survey from Allrecipes reveals that we’re still cooking Mom’s favorites.

Allrecipes compared about 2,000 responses from a July survey to responses received from the same survey taken in 1999. The majority of home cooks (58%) report picking recipes where they can use organic and natural ingredients, an increase of 66% since 1999.

However, the 15 most popular recipes were anything but low fat. There was not a vegetable in the bunch, other than 3 cups of carrots in a 12th-ranked carrot cake recipe that also includes 1 cup of sugar and 1-1/2 cups of vegetable oil. The top ranked recipe was lasagna, followed by banana bread, pancakes, sugar cookies and “awesome slow cooker pot roast.”

The top recipes have more in common than old-fashioned goodness — they’re all pretty cheap to make. And there’s nothing cheap about buying organic products that often cost twice as much as their conventional counterparts. And deals are rare. Sixty eight percent of respondents said it’s important that recipe websites offer coupons, more than twice the percentage in 1999. Have you ever seen a coupon for fresh organic food?

For now, it looks as though saving money on groceries trumps healthy eating habits, but one mother of five has taken an opposite tack. Her motto: “Quality over quantity, we’ll just eat less.”

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