Bad heart? Time to hit the gym

Rick Murphy, a real estate appraiser in Atlanta, had no idea he had a bad heart. When Murphy turned 50, he decided it was time to get in shape. It wasn’t long before he progressed from running races to an Ironman triathlon. A fellow triathlete recommended he get checked out by a sports cardiologist, so […]

Helping kids build relationship with food is better than bribery

How can you get a fussy child to eat vegetables? It’s a question that plagues many frustrated parents at countless mealtimes. Some take to hiding morsels in more delicious parts of meals, while others adopt a stricter approach, refusing to let little ones leave the table until plates are clear. One “alternative” idea touted recently […]

Exercise: It’s what the doctor ordered

Weill Cornell Medical College offered a seminar to its second-year medical students, one that’s been offered only once before. The focus wasn’t cutting-edge pharmacology or modern microbiology but instead, five lecturers exploring different facets of a single topic: “Prescribing the Medicine of Exercise.” This isn’t as typical as you might think. More than half of […]

What you gain and lose with meal replacements

The meal replacing company Soylent offers grab-and-go guzzles and tables designed to be consumed in place of sitting down for a meal — but, for now, the corporation is insisting a user to throw out its Soylent Bars. The bars ought to have building some people sick, according to reports, and the company is investigating […]

Cavegirl Cuisine’s Brats and Beer Stew

Cavegirl Cuisine's Brats and Beer Stew

Michelle Fagone, of Cavegirl Cuisine, shares a perfect fall recipe with us. She says: Did someone say Football Season?! Depending on the size of your game-day party, double or triple this recipe. It is tasty, comforting…and well, it’s just good dude food! And, believe me, no will ever know that you used gluten-free beer! Even […]

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