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What Every Person Over 40 Needs to Know About Invisible Fat And How it Stops You From Losing Weight and Getting Fit and Healthy
The new approach to a problem most people over 40 need to address

Once you hit age 40, you’ve probably noticed some changes with your body you’re not happy with. Your energy level isn’t where it used to be. Your body shape is changing. Not the type of changes that occurred when you were younger. No. This is different. And you might be a bit frustrated that you didn’t address it sooner.


It’s not your fault

You see, all of us are genetically predisposed to gain fat as we get older. Around age 25, we begin losing muscle mass, which slows down your metabolism. And as we reach our 40s and 50s, the loss of muscle mass begins to accelerate. This loss of muscle mass causes your body to store more calories as fat, instead of burning them as fuel.

And sometime around age 45, hormonal changes in your body occur. In men, it’s called andropause. In women, it’s menopause. Not only do these hormones change your body shape, they alter how fat is accumulated in your body.


The fat we carry after the age of 40 is different than the fat we carry in our 20s and 30s

When we are younger, and healthy, our fat is primarily subcutaneous (which means just below the skin). But as we get older, a much more dangerous internal fat builds around your organs that we can’t see.

Quietly, it accumulates over the years, slowly poisoning us without us ever noticing.

This invisible fat, the deep fat that lies around the organs of your digestive system (which is also called visceral fat), wreaks havoc with how your body functions. It speeds up the aging process, slows down your natural ability to burn fat, and drains us of our energy.

It is important to identify Invisible Fat, especially if you’re looking to lose weight, because…

When You Reduce Your Invisible Fat, Weight Loss Is Much Easier


Invisible Fat Affects Us In Four Ways
(The 4th way is the most insidious)

First: It compromises your body’s ability to process macronutrients (which are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates). Instead of these foods being used as fuel, and the excess passed through your body as waste, a higher percentage of your food is stored as fat and distributed across your body. In men, it’s mainly around your chest, legs, and stomach. In women, it accumulates around your hips, thighs, arms, and stomach.

Second: It reduces the amount of nutrients you absorb from your food, and causes you to be nutrient deficient, which results in lower energy and a compromised immune system.

Third: It disturbs your natural sleep cycle, so you aren’t able to sleep soundly, or as long as you used to. The result: premature aging, loss of energy (just feeling tired all the time), and weight gain.

It is a vicious cycle – with the root cause being invisible fat.

The Fourth Way Invisible Fat Affects You is the Most Insidious…

It is a breeding ground for chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, metabolic syndrome, and cancer…just to name a few. It also greatly reduces your odds of recovering from chronic diseases.


Just Because You’ve Lost Weight Doesn’t Mean You’ve Lost Your Invisible Fat

Your clothes might fit more loosely, and you are frustrated because you just can’t seem to lose those last few inches around your midsection. This is invisible fat at play. The medical term for this is metabolically obese, normal-weight…or skinny fat.

If you don’t reduce your invisible fat, it is almost impossible to reach your ideal weight, or lose the weight and keep it off. It is one of the reasons that 95% of people who lose weight regain it within 18 months.
This battle against invisible fat will be won or lost in your 40s and 50s.

Will it be the period where you will see your heath begin a steady descent, or a period of rebirth and increased vitality?


Our solution…

Introducing Health Tracking Hacks and The Invisible Fat Calculator

We’d like to arm you with two tools to help you win the health and weight loss battle. We created Health Tracking Hacks and the Invisible Fat Calculator to give you the power to fight invisible fat and WIN!

The Invisible Fat Calculator is your secret weapon for defeating invisible fat, and Health Tracking Hacks is your owner’s manual to use so you can easily incorporate it into your life.

We’ve got a nickname for the Invisible Fat Calculator: The Motivator, because once you see your Invisible Fat Score, it will motivate you into action now – and for the rest of your life.

The Invisible Fat Calculator consists of four tools:

  1. The Invisible Fat Calculator
  2. The Macronutrient Optimizer
  3. The Optimal Fat Burning Calculator
  4. And The Progress Tracker

The Invisible Fat Calculator is based on Microsoft Excel, so it is very easy to use. Simply take a few measurements (which only takes a minute or two)…enter them into the Invisible Fat Calculator…and you will get your Invisible Fat Score.

Now you know what you are dealing with. It’s time to take action. The accumulation of invisible fat starts with your diet, but not in the way you might think.

Here’s how to use these four tools.


The Reason There Is No One Size Fits All Diet Is Because We All Metabolize Proteins, Fats, And Carbohydrates Differently

When your body’s digestive system is operating efficiently, it breaks down the food you eat (called macronutrients), and converts some of the food as fuel for energy you need now.

Stores some of the food as fuel you use for energy later. Extracts the nutrients from the food to feed your cells. It then disposes the excess as waste.

Once you learn how to eat based on your macronutrient type, your digestive system will work more efficiently. It only requires a slight change in your macronutrient ratios (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates), without any change in your portion size, and can make all the difference in the world.

You’ll feel more energized. Start eating less. Your food cravings will disappear. You’ll be more active, and instead of storing fat, your body will start burning off the excess fat you are carrying. The fat that you can see – and the deadly invisible fat you can’t see.

And all of this starts happening without changing the food that you eat, or starving yourself.

You will notice a difference after your very first meal.

Simply answer a few questions, and the Macronutrient Optimizer, one of the tools in our Invisible Fat Calculator, will tell you exactly what to do and will stop the accumulation of invisible fat in its tracks.


Next: The Optimal Fat Burning Calculator…

Turn Your Body Into A 24 Hour A Day Fat Burning Machine

This may shock you, but your exercise routine is probably training your body to store fat. This is the case for most people. This tool, which is only available with the Invisible Fat Calculator, will activate your internal fat burning furnace. It turns your body into a 24/7 fat burning machine, so you get the results you want from exercise.

Just enter your age and resting heart rate, and the Optimal Fat Burning Calculator will tell you which heart rate zones to exercise in to trigger your body to burn fat throughout the day. Once you do this, invisible fat doesn’t stand a chance.


And Finally: The Progress Tracker…

Stay Motivated And Reach Your Goals

The scale is not the best measure of your progress, so the Progress Tracker was added to our Invisible Fat Calculator to give you a strategic, “at a glance” representation of how far you’ve come. Simply enter a few measurements each month, and you will be amazed at your progress. The Progress Tracker will give you the feedback you need to ensure your success.

It Doesn’t Take Long To Start Seeing Results

You will start to look and feel better. Others will notice, too. You’ll have more energy. You will find you sleep more soundly. Think more clearly. And most importantly, your waist will become trimmer – and you will start losing that dangerous invisible fat.

The Health Tracking Hacks and Invisible Fat Calculator is like having an in-house nutritionist, personal trainer, and motivational coach guiding you every step of the way toward better health.


Why should you trust us?

The creator of Health Tracking Hacks and the Invisible Fat Calculator is Ed Forteau. Ed is the host of the popular Power Up Your Health nationally syndicated radio show that aired on the CBS Sports Radio Network, where he interviewed the top experts in health, nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Ed has talked with best-selling nutrition authors like Lauren Cordain, the man who brought us the Paleo Diet; celebrity fitness trainers like Tony Horton, the creator of the world renowned P90X workout series; and best-selling celebrity nutritionists, like JJ Virgin of the Virgin Diet.

Like many people, Ed has his own weight management issues. His up and down weight from yo-yo dieting had taken a toll on his body.

While visiting his in-laws, he experienced shortness of breath and severe chest pains. His wife rushed Ed to the emergency room and he was given a battery of tests. The doctors told him he had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and was pre-diabetic. Naturally, he was worried.

Ed has a background in Medical Research, and began reading research papers and studies, and reached out to the top professionals in the fields of fitness and nutrition. From his findings, Ed developed the tools which helped him get fit, reach a healthy weight, but more importantly, get his invisible fat down to healthy levels.

Within 5 months, Ed lost over 53 pounds, lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol to healthy levels, and was no longer considered pre-diabetic. He continues to use the tools he developed to maintain his good health to this day.

Ed attributes his health turnaround to understanding:

  • What causes invisible fat to accumulate
  • Measuring it
  • Knowing what actions are effective at reducing it
  • And being able to monitor his progress so he can stay on track

You could say that developing the Invisible Fat Calculator saved Ed’s life. And it can do the same for you.


When You Reduce Your Invisible Fat, Weight Loss Is Much Easier

Many people struggle with their weight their entire adult lives. By age 45, the average woman has tried 61 different diets. That’s right, 61 different diets.

Yo-yo dieting will destroy your health. Every time you go on a diet, you’ll find it’s harder to lose the weight (this is especially true after age 40). When you understand the role invisible fat plays, you will able to quickly turn things around. Your weight loss efforts will start paying off almost immediately. And you’ll never have to go on a “diet” again.


Get Health Tracking Hacks & The Invisible Fat Calculator Today!

After you order, you will be taken to our members’ area, where you will have access to Health Tracking Hacks, The Invisible Fat Calculator, tutorial videos, and all of the bonuses. This is a complete program, there is nothing else to buy.

And for a limited time, you will also get these bonuses:

Quick Start Guide: Getting your first win is important to building confidence and momentum. The faster you get that first win, the better. If you’re like me, you never read a product manual – you just want to dig in and GO. The quick start guide will have you up and running within 15 minutes. You’ll notice a difference in how you feel after your very first meal.

Special Report: Why The Common Beliefs About Exercise Are Wrong

Most experts will say that you exercise to get fit, not lose weight. This special report is about exercise to burn fat for people over 40, and why that traditional thinking needs to be tossed out the window. Keep in mind that you need to exercise in the right way – cardio doesn’t work, but this type of exercise does…especially for people over 40.

Functional Strength Kettlebell Training: We added kettlebell training because it is very unique for building muscle. This functional strength training is perfect for people over 40 who want to build long, lean, muscle and increase their flexibility. It includes 2 manuals, 20 kettlebell exercise videos, and an 8 week workout course to ensure you get the most out of kettlebell training.

The 60 Second Fat Burning Workout: High Intensity Interval Training is considered by many to be the best form of exercise to improve health. The only problem is: it requires you to be in good shape to get the most out of it (not to mention the increased risk for injury). This is the Low Intensity alternative, which works regardless of your physical condition. Its benefits are similar to High Intensity Interval Training, without risks of injury.

Turbocharge Your Metabolism With The Tabata System: This is based on the training that Olympic sprinters perform. It is the reason they are considered the best conditioned athletes in the world. If you walk, run, bike, or use a treadmill or elliptical, applying The Tabata System will make it 10 times more effective. Dial up the intensity that works for you, from low to high.

To get Health Tracking Hacks and The Invisible Fat Calculator, just click the Add To Cart button below, and you’ll have access to everything (including all of the bonuses) in less than 2 minutes.

Order before the timer hits zero, and you’ll get it at a special discounted price.


Lose Invisible Fat Or It’s FREE!

Take it for a 60-day test drive. If at any time in the next 60 days you have not lost invisible fat, or if you’re not completely satisfied with Health Tracking Hacks and The Invisible Fat Calculator for any reason whatsoever, just let us know, and we will personally issue you a prompt and courteous refund — no questions asked, and you can keep everything with our complements. We have that much confidence that this will work for you.


Gain Control Of Your Health

Start taking positive action to reduce your invisible fat.

You will look and feel better, and you will gain greater peace of mind knowing you are lowering your risk of chronic disease.

You can look forward to a long, healthy, active future.

Take the first step toward living a healthier life. Click the Add To Cart button below and get Health Tracking Hacks and the Invisible Fat Calculator today!


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