Make this for lunch: Deliciousness in a Quinoa Burrito Bowl

Make this for lunch: Deliciousness in a Quinoa Burrito Bowl

I’m sure you’ve seen photos of burrito bowls all over Instagram and buzzfeed. There’s something enticing about the dish – mainly, that you put in the things you love most. And then you get to eat them, bite by tasty bite. This vegan quinoa burrito bowl has much to recommended it – deliciousness, protein, and […]

World’s Greatest Food Fight Paleo and Vegan Experts

World's Greatest Food Fight

Welcome to the World’s Greatest Food Fight! We’re facilitating a nation-wide discussion on the benefits of healthy eating. How are we doing this? We’ve got an All-Star Lineup of vegan and paleo experts to discuss the virtues of each nutritional path. Where do you participate? Join at, and then participate on our facebook page. […]

The Best Tomato Salad, Ever

The Best Tomato Salad, Ever

You know when the tomatoes start getting ripe, and you’re eating them at every meal? Well, any recipe can do then (or just slice and eat). But at the end of tomato season, when you’re sort of sick of them but don’t want to let them go, because it’s a long time til summer rolls […]

Easy Vegan Asian Mushroom Soup Recipe

Vegan Asian Mushroom Soup Recipe

Due to popular demand, we’re sharing our Vegan Asian Soup recipe – it’s my favorite soup (after hot and sour soup!). This fresh and easy vegan Asian mushroom soup recipe will make it into your quick-and-easy-repertoire after one sip. Pin for later:     Vegan Asian Mushroom Soup Recipe Ingredients: 4 cups vegetable broth 1 […]

Surprising Facts About Dieting, Exercise, and Weight Loss for Men

Surprising facts about dieting, exercise, and weight loss for men

Recently, new figures released have revealed that worldwide obesity levels are now the highest that they’ve ever been since we began keeping records. Our waistlines are expanding, our cholesterol and blood pressure are rising, as are our chances of suffering a heart attack, heart disease, stroke, or various forms of cancer. In fact, the only […]

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